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Founded in 1999, Hunan Yueyang Sanxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. is a complex manufacturer of Sodium metabisulfite, Anhydrous Sodium sulfite and Manganous Carbonateo With a land of 20,000 sqm, 200 employees, 12 million yuan registration funds and 8 million yuan annual production value ,our factory is located at the bank side of Dongting Lake and 5 km away from the downtown of Yueyang city; meanwhile,our company is next to national highway 107, Jingzhu express way, Jinguang railway and Changjiang river,and we really enjoy good location.

With experienced technicians, leading facilities, modern management system and excellent after-service system ,we now have annual productive capacity of 30,000 tons of Sodium Metabisulfite ,20,000 tons of Anhydrous Sodium sulfite and l,000 tons of Manganese carbonate. Our new factory in Sichuan province will be started production by September 2012. Untill then, we can supply more than 70000 tons of sodium metabisulphite, 38000 tons of Anhydrous Sodium sulfite.Basing on such tenet of "Mutual benefits, Friendly cooperation, and Co-development", all related business all over the world are welcomed, and will be attended with excellent service.




Sichuan Sanxiang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011. With 12 million RMB registration fund,it is a subsidiary wholly owned by Hunan Yueyang Sanxiang Chemical Co., Ltd. The annual production capacity of sodium metabisulfite is about 40000 tons, and 18000 tons anhydrous sodium sulflte. The annual output value is about 150 million yuan.

Located in the west of China, Yangchun industrial park in Jiang An county of Yibin city, near the north shore of the Yangtze River, with beautiful scenery,the factory area is more than 20000 square meters. It is about 60 km from Luzhou, 345 km from Chengdu, 295 km from Chongqing, and near Longna and
Chengyu high-speed way, and close to 308, 309 and 321 provincial road. Nearby the Yangtze River quay, through the southwest sea port, goods can be sent to big cities like Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Shangha city along the Yangtze river. Transportations through sea, railway and vehicle are very convenient.

With more than 10 years production and sales experience of Yueyang Sanxiang Chemical, Sichuan Sanxiang Chemical currently used the most advanced production technology, made full use of local resources in Sichuan, significantly lowered the production costs, improved product's quality, reduced labor intensity, eliminated environmental pollution, so the core competitiveness of enterprises has been enhanced hugely. We will make all efforts turning Sichuan Sanxiang Chemical into a self-independent innovation, resource-saving, environmental protection, safe and civilized modern chemical enterprise.

The company will follow the fundamental purpose, that is to survive by quality, to develop by innovation, to lay the foundation by technology, to win the market by flexible strategy, to preserve reputation by seryice. Further more we would like to make a brand chemical company through warm service, pragmatic attitude. high quality products and technology. We hope we could create a better future together with all of customers around the world.


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